Capital Defense

Capital Defense, Capital Punishment and Death Penalty Information and Resources

Capital defense involves defending criminal charged with capital crimes allowing the state to seek capital punishment, also known as the death penalty. Criminal defense attorney Ronald Talkov has dedicated his life to defense of the accused where the government has extraordinary resources to be used against those with few options.

Here are various resources for those advocating against capital punishment:

Capital Defense Data and Statistics

  • Address of Death Row Units in the U.S.
    Information on the addresses of death rows in the entire USA.
  • BJS Capital Punishment
    Statistics and data on Capital Punishment.
  • American Society of Criminology
    Large general collection of death penalty information, including government statistics, court cases, and articles on death penalty issues.
  • Rick Halperin’s Death Penalty News and Updates
    Death penalty statistics, news, updates, addresses of U.S. Governors.
  • NACDL Death Penalty Reports
    Death penalty reports, studies and journal articles, news, statistics.
  • Death Penalty Information Center
    Large database of research, policy issues, wrongful sentencing and additional information.
  • NACJD Capital Punishment Resource Guide 
    Includes data, statistics and general information on capital punishment.
  • NCSL States and Capital Punishment
    Data and information on states and capital punishment.

Litigation and Legislation Against Capital Punishment

  • AMA Death Penalty Representation Project
    Addresses well-established national norms of capital defense practice for capital cases.
  • Center on Wrongful Convictions
    Investigation on possible wrongful convictions and represents imprisoned clients with claims of actual innocence. Also represents other serious injustice
  • California Appellate Project
    Resource for attorneys representing death row inmates.
  • Capital Punishment Laws
    Compilation of general laws found in the use of capital punishment.
  • Capital Punishment Litigation Process
    Information on the litigation process following the a death penalty conviction
  • Death Penalty Clinic
    Berkeley Law Clinic seeks justice for individuals facing death penalty.
  • Equal Justice Initiative
    Provides assistance for death row inmates. Provides trial and post-conviction manuals.

Organizations Against Capital Punishment

  • People of Faith Against the Death Penalty
    Religious representatives based in North Carolina working to abolish the death penalty.
  • Witness To Innocence
    Spearheaded by former death-row inmates who have been exonerated and seek to end the death penalty.
  • National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
    Provides information on abolitionist organizations, legal resources, execution alerts, death penalty data and statistics.

California Capital Punishment Resources

  • ACLU Northern California
    Useful death penalty information as well as California specific legal information.
  • HCRC California
    Offers representation for low-income men and women under sentence of death in California.
  • CCV California Victim Compensation Program
    Offers emotional, physical, and financial support to families that have been affect by capital punishment
  • CDCR Capital Punishment in California
    Provides information on the history of capital punishment in California and changes in the law.
  • Timeline of Capital Punishment in California
    A timeline of California Capital Punishment rulings.

Additional Capital Punishment Resources

  • ACLU Capital Punishment
    Useful death penalty information, public resources and training programs.
  • Death Penalty Net
    General information about the death penalty.
  • Southern Center for Human Rights
    Death penalty news, articles and reports, prison reform resources, and legal/advocacy resources.
  • The Justice Project
    Project is aimed to educating the American public about the flawed justice system.
  • IPS Service News Agency
    News on the international development of death penalty.